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Prices and Guarantee

The daily currency might effect the price of the treatments after paying with credit card


No hidden charges
TreatmentsOur prices
Consultation, treatment plan and price estimationFree
Digital x-ray (small) Free
Panoramic x-rayFree
CT x-ray 72 £/80 €
Consultation package: incl. airport transfer, panoramic x-ray (not CT x-ray), consultation, treatment plan and price estimation135 £/150 €
Dental hygieneOur prices
Dental hygienic treatment (per jaw)40 £/45 €
Periodontal laser treatment630 £/695 €
Closed tooth root cleaning per quadrant135 £/150 €
Tooth whitening270 £/300 €
Restorative dentistryOur prices
Inlay162 £/180 €
Onlay162 £/180 €
Composite filling 1 layer54 £/60 €
Composite filling 2 layers 63 £/70 €
Composite filling 3 layers72 £/80 €
CrownsOur prices
Porcelain crown fused to metal190 £/210 €
Porcelain crown fused to metal on implant210 £/230 €
Full porcelain crown310 £/340 €
Full porcelain crown on implant320 £/350€
Temporary crown36 £/40 €
Temporary crown for longer time67 £/75€
Abutment50 £/55 €
DenturesOur prices
Denture / upper- or lower jaw (plastic)410 £/ 450€
Full denture / upper and lower jaw (plastic removable)610£/ 670€
Partial denture (cast metal) / upper- or lower jaw535£/590 €
Porcelain crown fused to metal for denture195 £/ 215 €
SurgeryOur prices
Anesthetic/Ultracain anestheticFree/9 £/10 €
Surgical extraction90 £/100 €
Extraction40 £/45 €
Resection112 £/125 €
MIS Implant635 £/700 €
Sinus-lift645 £/710 €
Bone grafting / per gram 166 £/185 €
Lateral augmentation750 £/825 €
Endodontics SurgeryOur prices
Root canal treatment with root canal filling – 1 canal 200 £/220 €
Root canal treatment with root canal filling – 2 canals300 £/330 €
Root canal treatment with root canal filling – 3 canals400 £/440 €
Temporary root fillingFree
TransportOur prices
From and back to the airport54 £/60 €
Extra service
Relaxing room after treatment if it requires27 £/30 €/occasion


Implants5 years (only product)
Crowns, Bridges 5 years (do not apply for temporary)
Inlays / Onlays/ Overlays2 years
Partial dentures3 years (do not apply for temporary)
Full dentures1 year (do not apply for temporary)
Fillings4 years

The guarantee will be reduced or invalidated if:

  • In order to maintain your guarantee on our work, a regular yearly check-up has to be carried out at our clinic during the guarantee period.
  • The dentist’s instructions are not followed.
  • Oral hygiene is neglected.
  • Removable restoration such as partial dentures or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly.
  • The gum tissue or bone structure is naturally reducing.
  • Significant amount of weight-loss or gain within a short period of time.
  • Any sickness that has a bad effect on the chewing, bone and gum(such as diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, X-rays or accidents).
  • If the patient does not notify us before taking advantage of their guarantee.

Please note that the guarantee does not cover travelling costs and it is only valid for remedial dental work.


If there is a problem after the treatment the patients have to contact our UK agent as soon as possible. If our dentists or labor are responsible and the patients have to be treated the following rules are applied:

If smaller remediation has to be done the patients can go to a dentist in the UK and fix it. In this case the invoice has to be sent to our UK agent and he will refund it.

If bigger remediation has to be done the patients have to come back to Hungary. There is no charge on the treatments. We also cover the fly tickets until 50 £/55 €. Airport transfer is also included. Other costs and hotels are excluded.

Health insurance

We help our patients regarding all the questions in the health insurance and give an invoice about the treatment.